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Term of Position:
Cobble Hill, British Columbia, Canada
Thrive Now Physiotherapy

We are currently seeking a full-time physiotherapist at our progressive physiotherapy practice, Thrive Now Physiotherapy


Want to know more about us?

We have been in business for 20 years as South Cowichan Physiotherapy but have recently re-branded to Thrive Now Physiotherapy. We have two great locations in the Cowichan Valley, half way between Nanaimo and Victoria on Vancouver Island.


What do we strive for?

We rebranded to Thrive Now Physiotherapy in order to better reflect our goal of optimizing the health of all our patients. Rather than just "the break and fix" model of treating the pain and then discharging the patient, we aim to continue to follow up with our patients over the longterm. This ensures that our clients not only get back to normal but keep getting even healthier. 


What are we looking for?

We are looking for a physiotherapist who is motivated to practice in line with our mission statement above. This requires excellent communication skills, a willingness to constantly challenge the current theories of pain and injury biomechanics, out of the box thinking to craft custom, individualized treatment plans, an ability to work with other physiotherapists to find solutions for more difficult cases, and a commitment to furthering your skill set through continuing education.


All of our current physiotherapists take advantage of our generous continuing education funding to meet these goals. We support them with excellent mentorship opportunities, including FREE mentorship with an accredited FCAMPT mentor!


 Find your WORK-LIFE Balance with us!


Read below for the "Top 7 Reasons" to work at Thrive Now Physiotherapy


1. A great location!

We are located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. We are only 40 minutes from either Victoria or Nanaimo. "Cowichan" literally means warm land and we benefit from one of the warmest climates in all of Canada (most winters we don't get snow). Both clinics are only a 5 minute drive to the ocean and some of the best kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, sailing, fishing, and whale watching you can imagine. Like mountain biking? We have a variety of world class trails 10 minutes out our back door. Same goes for hiking and golfing. Did I mention that we are also surrounded by a dozen wineries? You can also own a house on a half acre for less than what you'd pay for a condo in downtown Vancouver.


2. Modern, brand new facilities 

Our Duncan clinic is a brand new facility that has been purpose built and was designed specifically by the ownership group to provide the best in patient comfort and experience. Our Cobble Hill clinic is similarly new and modern. Both clinics offer  large private treatment rooms, excellent equipment, and a great charting and lunch area. We are fortunate to offer both class IV laser and shockwave therapy.


3. Great Mentorship & Collaboration

Several of our PTs have 20+ years of experience and we are lucky to have them lead a formal mentorship program available to all our PTs, both newer grads and more seasoned PTs. Outside of this mentorship program, all PTs at our clinic have a great culture of sharing insights about patient care so that all of us can provide the best experience to our patients. We even incorporate this into our staff meetings. We also provide FREE mentorship with a certified FCAMPT mentorship. So, if you're looking to get those hours in towards an intermediate or advanced Orthodiv certificate then look no further! We also have several experienced IMS and medical acupuncture practitioners and FREE mentorship with them is also available.


4. Variety in Your Caseload

In our experience, one of the most important things for the development of your career as a PT is to be exposed to a variety of different patients early on. We definitely can provide that! As a member of our team you will treat: recreational and high level athletes, workplace injuries, motor vehicle accident patients, military members, police officers, and many more! 


5. Stream-lined, No-Hassle Work Environment

In addition to a great bunch of PTs, we have a great customer care team that ensures the administrative side of things runs smoothy. We were one of the first clinics in BC to adopt EMR and our PTs love how quickly they can do their charting. No more trying to decipher someone else's handwriting! We also are one of the few clinics in BC who have access to the medical imaging database in our health region. So, our customer care team can look up that MRI, US, or x-ray report in a manner of seconds rather than having to wait until next visit for the patient's MD office to fax us one over. We also encourage all of our PTs to adopt any technology that makes their life easier and their treatment better. We aim to stay ahead of the curve by using social media to connect with our patients through blogs and Facebook posts.


6. Opportunity for Growth & Leadership

We are fortunate to offer a wide variety of services: IMS, medical acupuncture, FCAMPT accredited manual therapy, pelvic health, certified strength and conditioning specialists, a certified yoga teacher, vestibular rehab, Schroth certified scoliosis management, and craniosacral therapy to name but a few. If you have a special area of interest that you would like to pursue then let us know and we will do our best to support you and create a plan to make it happen! Our motto is to promote from within. As both our clinics continue to grow, there are increasing opportunities for leadership positions within both locations. One of our co-owners is current president of the Physiotherapy Association of BC and we strongly encourage each team member to become involved with, and stay abreast of developments within our profession.


7. A Shared Vision and Culture

Vision and culture don't just happen by chance. Our ownership group has worked over the past several years to constantly improve upon the vision for our clinic. Our main focus is to "optimize the health" of ALL our patients over the course of their life. This focused vision has helped us recruit some great team members. We are also fortunate that everyone on our team doesn't mind poking fun at themselves and keeping the atmosphere light hearted. As a result, we regularly have fun staff social outings!



If this sounds like the kind of clinic you want to be a part of, then please reach out to us by contacting co-owner Patrick Jadan through e-mail at


  • A Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Physiotherapy
  • Eligible for full or interim registration with the College of Physical Therapists of BC
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Thrive Now Physiotherapy
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Cobble Hill
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