June 2017 Newsletter

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Welcome to the Summer 2017 edition of the Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association Newsletter

 Standing Reports




The SPA AGM was held in April.  Chris Weichnik stepped down as President. 

Brenna Bath has now taken over the Presidential role for the next 2 years.


The Annual SPA Awards followed the AGM where we honoured the following members for their years of CPA/SPA membership.

25 Years Membership

  • Christine Epp                
  • Debora Zimroz
  • Jerrylynne McBride     
  • Jodi-Marie Schwab       
  • John Murphy
  • Patricia Beharry
  • Susan Tupper
  • Suzanne Funk

Christine Epp

 Pat Beharry

Andrea Schick presenting to Christine Epp

Kendra Usunier presenting to

Patricia Beharry

   Susan Tupper  

Elise Gray presenting to Susan Tupper


30 Years Membership

  • Alison Given
  • Kam Chow
  • Peggy Forsberg
  • Sandy Westlake
  • Scott Anderson

 35 Years Membership

  • Anne-Marie Graham
  • Gordon Pullar
  • Kathryn Thomson

  Gordon Pullar

 Anne Marie Graham
  Valerie Caron presenting to Gordon Pullar Andrea Schick presenting to Anne-Marie Graham

 40 Years Membership

  • Gail Beggs-La Riviere
  • Richard Bourassa
  • Susan Bear
Richard Bourassa








Andrea Schick presenting to Richard



 45 Years Membership

  • Angela Busch
  • Barbara Schultz-Hurlburt

 Barabara Schultz Hurlburt

  Valerie Caron presenting to Barbara Schultz-Hurlburt  

 We also heard the accomplishments of our colleagues who were nominated for the following awards:

Clinical Instructor in Physical Therapy Clinical Education:

Devin Mann

 Award Presented by Arlis McQuarrie and Peggy Proctor
Devin Mann 

Continuing Physical Therapy Education (CPTE) Award of Merit:

Regan Coulter

Award Presented by Stacey Lovo Grona

Regan Coulter

Rainbow 50+ Program

At the 2015 SPA AGM the issue of SPA’s role in managing an aging population and the associated health issues was raised.  It was agreed the SPA should be seen as leaders in the field and recognized for our role in the prevention of chronic illness and injury.

On June 6th, SPA Director, Valerie Caron was invited to speak to the Rainbow 50+ program that is organized by the St. Thomas Wesley United Church in Saskatoon.  The individuals in attendance participate in a healthy aging exercise class.  Valerie provided general education on arthritis, osteoporosis, and fall prevention to this engaged group of seniors.

The program is designed to avoid isolation in the elderly living independently in their community. The individuals in attendance participate in a healthy aging exercise class, share a meal and participate in education seminars offered by other community members. Valerie provided general education on arthritis, osteoporosis, and fall prevention to this engaged group of seniors.

Thank you Valerie for volunteering your time and educating the value of PT to the aging population.



SPA have been working to promote mentorship opportunities with SWITCH (Student Wellness Initiative Towards Community Health). SPA member and SWITCH mentor, Lacey Nairn Pederson helped us create a video discussing the benefits of serving at SWITCH as a physiotherapist mentor. This video can now be found on our YouTube page and on our SWITCH partnership page.


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