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JoAnn Nilson - New Practice Lead for Physical Therapy with Saskatchewan Health Authority

This is an announcement and introduction for the new Physical Therapy Practice Lead, JoAnn Nilson.

A little bit about myself, I come from a broad clinical background. I have worked in many areas of Physical Therapy practice: most recently Saskatchewan Bleeding Disorders Program, and Pediatric Complex Interdisciplinary Pain clinic. 

Also, in and out patient orthopedics (RUH, SPH, Vernon BC), acute respiratory (RUH), Acute Neuro and Rehab (RUH and Wascana, Regina), pediatrics (outpatient RUH and Wascana), Home Care, private practice (Vernon), and International PT experience (Nigeria with CUSO, Mongolia with Hemophilia Sask.)

Therefore, I feel I have a wide perspective to offer in this position.  Read more... 



Regina, SK – The healthcare sector in this province continues to experience the highest total number of claims reported than all other industries according to Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) statistics.

Today, the Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health (SASWH) is proud to announce the Campaign for Change of #IWillReport. This is a collaborative effort with frontline healthcare workers, senior leaders and system partners working together to increase the awareness of under reporting of incidents of violence and aggression. Read More…                              


Access to eHR Viewer

Physical Therapists have been approved for eHR Viewer access. Physical therapist wishing access will need to be set up under an approved organization. If their organization is not an approved organization, an eHR Viewer Request for Organization Approval form will need to be filled out and submitted to the eHealth Service Desk. The form is available here.

A private practice physical therapist will need to submit an eHR Viewer Request for Organization Approval form. Typically, the clinic or facility is set up as the organization. In some cases where the practitioner has set up as a professional corporation, that can be the approved organization. It all depends on how the practice is set up.

The eHealth’s Transition Services team on this email can assist with any questions you may have about the eHR Viewer.

Improving access without a Waitlist

By: Monika Stubel Senior Physical Therapist SHA - Estevan

Another typical day in the life of a public practice physical therapist often involves seeing a simple ankle sprain three months after the injury.   For most of us this has become common practice. Many of us can relate to the scenario of having hundreds of people on an outpatient physiotherapy waitlist that continues to grow. I’m sure many of you have also had the feelings of frustration when you finally see someone months after an injury that should have been an easy treatment, but now has become complex simply by the chronicity of the injury.   This was certainly the scenario causing much frustration in our department when we stumbled upon the article written by Cathy Hoyles BScPT, MHM, CHE, CPA Member since 1992 entitled “Using your waitlist to measure demand for your service? Think again: remove it!” .



Message from WCB

Chris Drobot provided the following general information about how WCB clients are allocated to secondary and tertiary treatment programs. Specific questions can be directed to Chris Drobot at 306-787-7760.

Workers who enter secondary or tertiary treatment programs will have attended an assessment team review and received a recommendation for that level of service.

The WCB then contacts the Primary Care Provider seeking agreement with this recommendation and any others. The communication from the WCB notified that lack of reply will be assumed to signify agreement. The form also invites the PCP to specify the clinic of choice.

Prior to the assessment, the worker will have received a letter from WCB that stresses the importance of seeing the PCP after the assessment so that there is opportunity for choice. The assessment team will also have reminded the worker of the need to see the PCP, again, to ensure opportunity for choice.

Where the PCP makes no choice of clinic, referrals are allocated equally amongst the secondary and tertiary clinics in the city. To the extent possible, workers continued at a clinic that is providing primary level care, if also accredited for secondary or tertiary care.

In some cases, workers will tell the WCB that their PCP neglected to notify WCB of the choice of clinic.
Where the worker attended his PCP after the assessment, as requested, WCB will redirect that worker to clinic of choice. 
The referral record is audited monthly by a supervisor in the unit to ensure that, while keeping as many of the non-specified clients as possible in the primary clinics, the allocation is of the non-specified referrals is equalized.  

Chris Drobot,

WCB Health Services                                                                                      

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Stacey Lovo Grona graduated on June 9, 2018 with her PhD in Health Science.


Stacey’s PhD supervisors were Dr. Brenna Bath and Dr. Liz Harrison.

Stacey Lovo Grona



Retirement of Kate Spencer

The retirement of Kate Spencer from the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region this year may bring back memories for many health professionals in the province. Kate touched many people through her work as a clinician, teacher and administrator.

Kate has had a remarkable career since her initial schooling in the UK. Kate began her schooling at UK in Withington Hospital rotating through a variety of services at t large teaching hospitals.   She moved to Canada and began working at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre in Regina in 1981, treating Ortho and Neuro patients. She also held the role of head of the Section of Neurology. She worked at Pioneer Village for 5 years, and then returned to Wascana Rehabilitation Centre in 1994.

Kate has demonstrated a passion for patient care – many patients in Southern Saskatchewan benefitted from this over a very long period of time!  Read more...

Kate Spencer WRC FINAL1

Physiotherapist doing great things...

Dianne Greenlay Choir Director of "Stayin' Alive - not expired"

As a physiotherapist, she touted the health benefits of singing and dancing, telling members of the group, it would help with their breathing and memory.

Read More:



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