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March 23, 2020: Resources (Telerehab Webinar, Economic Response Plan, Work-Sharing)

  • Drs. Stacey Lovo, Brenna Bath and Scotty Butcher from the School of Rehabilitation Science, in partnership with SCPT and CERS, will present a webinar, Considerations for the Use of Telerehabilitation in Saskatchewan,  on Thursday, March 26 from 3 to 4 p.m. They will discuss SCPT Practice Guideline #24: Telerehabilitation, evidence base for use of telerehabilitation, suggestions for best practice strategies, review of available resources for clinicians to use when starting Telehealth practice, and some detail on the use of social media for physical therapists. This will be a live webinar with time for question and answer. We have invited clinicians with experience in utilizing Telehealth to join us to assist with brainstorming and answering questions. The webinar will be recorded to ensure everyone is able to access it at a later time.   
         To access the live webinar, go to the CERS website at the time of the webinar: The recording and any documents will be hosted on the same website following the webinar.

  • COVID-19 Economic Response Plan: Support for Canada and Saskatchewan (

  • Avoiding layoffs through Work-Sharing: Government of Canada overview (