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March 27, 2020: Update from WCB re fee codes


In follow up to the previous communication (March 21, 2020), the SPA Third Party Payers Committee requested review of the fee codes payable during the pandemic clinic closures for telephone/virtual treatment of injured workers.

WCB agreed that some further fee codes were necessary to ensure care of injured workers during this time and so added the following for the period of the pandemic only:

a. Conferencing: fee code 2009: once per file only for transfer of the worker’s care from the treating therapist to a temporary therapist. This fee retroactive to March 18, 2020.

b. Telephone Consultation: fee code 2015: for calls to a care provider only

c. Exercise therapist led education: fee code 603

d. Exercise therapist led individual regional exercise: fee code 601

e. Exercise therapist Return to work interventions: fee code 604


Fee codes also payable for telehealth interventions (from communication of March 21, 2020):

f. Education: fee code 2011

g. Return to work: fee code 2002

h. Individual/regional Conditioning: fee code 2008

i. Reporting: fee code 2014/2018


Where an injured worker meets the licensing body/government definition of urgent care and the worker is seen within a primary PT clinic, all of the pre-pandemic fee codes are eligible for billing.

Therapists have asked the WCB which injured workers should be classified as Urgent Cases for purposes of the government directive on clinic closure. WCB is looking to the therapist to clarify this issue with SCPT and SPA, with SPA commenting that government has already designated post-operative patients in this group. A therapist seeing a WCB worker in person as an urgent case is asked to notify the WCB using the aforementioned group Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WCB has been asked to consider telerehab services on a more general basis than this pandemic time and will do so, but, for now, telehealth is funded FOR THE PERIOD OF THE PANDEMIC ONLY.

Thank you to SPA for contacting the WCB for further discussion, a step that may be necessary from time to time during the pandemic period, and thanks to all therapists who have elected to provide some level of services to WCB clients during this time.

WCB consultants: David Kachan and Dale Pitura
WCB Health Services: Chris Drobot