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November 5, 2020: Updated Public Health Order

The Chief Medical Health Officer has updated the Public Health Order as of November 5, 2020.

The new Public Health Order has now been posted and can be found at:

The additions to the public health order that affect physical therapists include: 

 To: Individuals and businesses within the City of Regina, City of Saskatoon, and City of Prince Albert:

I hereby ORDER and DIRECT effective 12:01am on November 6, 2020:

1. Subject to the exemptions set out in section 2 and 3, all individuals shall wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth when in the following enclosed settings:

    a. Addiction treatment centres, complex care centres, health centres, hospitals, mental health centres, residential treatment centres or special-care homes designated pursuant to The Provincial Health Authority Act.

    b. Personal care homes licensed pursuant to The Personal Care Homes Act.

    c. Assisted living facilities.

    f. Medical offices and health service centres, such as doctors office, dentist office, physiotherapist, therapeutic massage.

    n. Places for sports and recreational activities, such as gyms, ice arenas, pools, gymnastics facilities, dance facilities, or indoor court or field facilities.

    t. Public areas of a university or college campus, such as library or student union building, classrooms, hallways, administration offices, and other common areas.

    w. Private dwellings, but only when in the setting to provide service, such as cleaning services, maintenance services, or personal care services.

2. Masks are not required for the following individuals or in the following circumstances:

    a. An individual under the age of 2.

    b.People whose particular medical condition prevents them from wearing a mask as determined by a health professional.

    c. People who, due to cognitive impairment, an intellectual disability, or a severe mental health condition are unable to understand the requirement.

    d. The short-term removal of the mask is necessary for the purposes of identifying the individual.

    e. It is necessary for the individual to uncover their nose, mouth, or chin for the purposes of receiving a health or personal service, for the duration of the treatment or service only.

    g. While participating in fitness, aquatic, or sports activities for the duration of the activity only.

    h. When providing personal support services to an individual with a disability when wearing a mask could hinder the ability of that individual to receive the service, such as hindering the individual’s ability to lip read.

    i. While in an area of the enclosed setting to which members of the public do not normally have access, and the individual is alone.

    k. In a proceeding before an administrative tribunal established by legislation or a court where the decision maker determines that removing the mask is essential to ensure the integrity of the proceeding.

3. Masks are not required in the following enclosed settings:

    a. The private resident areas of the settings mentioned in subsections 1(a), 1(b), 1(c), 1(d).

    b. Hotel rooms, motel rooms, and bedrooms and private bathrooms in a bed and breakfast.


Although the Order has only specified Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert, the Chief Medical Health Officer has encouraged all communities to implement it as well.

Further information regarding the new masking requirements can be found at:

The public health order has also limited the number of individuals allowed for private indoor gatherings to 10, this does not apply to businesses though. 

All businesses permitted to operate under the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan must continue do so in accordance with any restrictions applicable to the critical public services and allowable business services and events, activities, and outdoor spaces in their region. All businesses permitted to operate must do so in a manner that prevents the spread of COVID-19.