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Hi! We are Kim Vibert and Bri Antonichuk, and we were fortunate enough to receive two of the SPA bursaries to attend congress in the beautiful Quebec City this past July. We are both about to be graduates of the USask MPT Class of 2023 and were very thankful for the experience to immerse ourselves in a small amount of what the physio profession looks like across Canada! With CPA Congress come and gone, it’s safe to say we both thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience (except maybe the number of delayed/cancelled/re-scheduled flights we had).

At Congress itself, we attended a variety of presentations with topics including the role of Physiotherapy in oncology, a clinical case example of treating complex pain, and return to sport following FAI arthroscopy. The keynote speakers were fantastic, and all presented very interesting ideas. Dr. Nutt taught us not to yell, but to change your message when trying to make changes. Blaise Dubois had good insight about the role that the media and marketing play and the importance of asking questions and doing your research before buying those new trendy running shoes. Finally, Shawn Kanungo talked at length about adapting to the new AI/tech driven world and reminding us to “waste some time” making those connections with our patients. There was plenty of time to network and explore the many booths and presentations being offered and we gained great insight on Physiotherapy throughout Canada, including the new opportunity to be a Travel Physio.

In addition to the academic side of the Congress, we also had time to explore the beautiful Quebec City. We walked through both the Upper and Lower Towns of Old Quebec, including taking a ride on the Funicular. (Un)Fortunately for us, we also happened to accidentally find the longest set of stairs in Quebec City… 398 stairs later in 36 degree heat we can say we definitely got our steps in that day.

All in all, the experience was fantastic, and we both look forward to being able to attend more Congress’ in the future as we head into our careers at physiotherapists.

Kim Vibert and Brianna Antonichuk, CPA Congress Bursary Winners