The SPA advocates on behalf of members and collaborates with key stakeholders to facilitate access to quality physiotherapy services.


SPA is advocating for access to telerehabilitation for patients covered by WCB and SGI to improve access to care.

Access to Care and Increased Physiotherapy Resources

SPA is working with government to look at solutions to facilitate access to care for people that do not have third party insurance coverage for physiotherapy services.

Disability Documentation Position Statement

SPA developed a position statement relating to documentation of disability, including information and considerations when managing the confidentiality / approval to share info, testing obligations and how to clarify payment and timelines.

COVID-19 Resources

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Alternative to Opioids

Physiotherapy is a Safe and Effective Alternative to Opioids for Pain Management. The increased use of opioids for pain management has created a national health crisis.

The Value of Physiotherapy to Primary Health Care in Saskatchewan

Primary health care (PHC) refers to an approach to health care that includes all services that play a part in health, such as income, housing, education and environment.

Physiotherapy Access for People Receiving Income Replacement Benefits

Representatives from the Ministry of Health are reviewing a proposal and additional information submitted by SPA regarding improved access to care for Saskatchewan residents receiving income replacement benefits.

Fee Negotiations With 3rd Party Payers

SPA’s 3rd party payers committee negotiated rates and standards of care with WCB and SGI which extend until December 31, 2022.

Practice Based Assessment Panel Discussion

The Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association (SPA) would like to acknowledge the Saskatchewan physiotherapy graduates and licensing candidates for their patience, perseverance and adaptability to the changing processes and standards and the Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists (SCPT)…

Student Collaboration Initiative

SPA partnered with Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) students at the UofS through the leadership of Dr. Sarah Oosman, and with diverse community organizations and stakeholder groups.