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I had a great time at my first attendance to the CPA Annual Congress thanks in part to the Congress Bursary I was granted by the Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association (SPA). Very well run and organized, there was a good balance of sessions, exhibits, and poster presentations from all of the Physiotherapy Divisions. My main focus was to explore current research in the field of pelvic floor/women’s health and to network with other professionals from across Canada. Jessica Adazynski from Full Circle Physiotherapy gave an excellent talk on Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain which has a “prevalence estimated at 56-72%” (Clinton et al 2017) and she emphasized that early intervention is essential for long term management. She shared a framework that she and her colleagues compiled (published in the BJSM Publication of August 2022) titled “Reframing Beliefs About Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Girdle Pain” which highlights the main points of her presentation and is a helpful resource for communicating the information back to my co-workers and clients. Other sessions I attended included topics of Mental Health Resources and Synthesized Resources for Evidence Based Practice. Overall, Congress was a success, with the great scenic background of Quebec City. The key-note speaker at the closing ceremony, Shawn Kanungo, gave a funny and impactful speech based on “Embracing Waste”. Particularly that humans and practitioners nowadays are so focused on efficiency that sometimes we lose creativity and innovation as a result. I enjoyed this opportunity for professional development and look forward to possibly attending again in the future as I’m able.

Nicole Loucks, CPA Congress Bursary Winner