Facility Details / Hours of Operation

5 days per week total (PT services 3 days per week and PTA/OTA 5 days per week). Mixed caseload inpatients, outpatients, long term care and community therapy.

Referral Requirements / Wait List Information

Direct Access or Referral

Facility Type
Regional Health Service
Professional Services
Physical Therapy
Saskatchewan Health
Conditions Treated
Arthritis - Osteo
Arthritis - Inflammatory
Joint Injuries
Low Back Pain
Muscular Conditions and Injuries
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Post-Surgical Orthopaedics
Areas of Practice
Acute care, Community therapy, Education classes, Geriatric assessment & rehabilitation, Home Visits, Joint and Spinal Manipulation, Long term care, Neurological Assessment and Rehabilitation, Orthotic Assessment and Prescription, Respiratory Assessment and Rehabilitation
Contact Information
1st Street South, Turtleford, Saskatchewan S0M 2Y0