Facility Details / Hours of Operation

Two full-time physical therapists work as follows (shows total days service provided by a PT):

  • Ile-a-la-Crosse – 2-4 days/week (includes Canoe Narrows, Cole Bay patients)
  • Patuanak 1- 2 days/month (1 PT)
  • Beauval 1-2 days/month (1 PT)
  • Buffalo Narrows – 2 days/week (includes Dillon and Turnor Lake patients)
  • La Loche – 2-4 days/week (includes Clearwater River Dene Nation patients)

Facility Type:

  • Ile a la Crosse – Long Term Care, Inpatient, Outpatient
  • Patuanak – Outpatient
  • Beauval – Outpatient
  • Buffalo Narrows – Outpatient
  • La Loche – Long Term Care, Inpatient, Outpatient

Email: Rochelle.yelland@saskhealthauthority.ca, Matt.mazurik@saskhealthauthority.ca


Physical Therapists (3 FT positions)

  • 1 position vacant (based out of Ile a la Crosse)
  • Matt Mazurik (based out of Buffalo Narrows)
    • Certified Vestibular Therapist
    • Certificate in Dry Needlling approved by SCPT
  • Rochelle Yelland (based out of Buffalo Narrows)
    • Pelvic Floor (Roster through SCPT)
    • Certificate in Dry Needling approved by SCPT
Referral Requirements / Wait List Information

Health care practitioner or self referrals are accepted.

  • Referrals can be made by fax to 306-235-4390 or 306-833-2474; or by phone in La Loche at 306-822-3210, Buffalo Narrows at 306-235-3001, and Ile a la Crosse at 306-833-3397.

Other wait list information (i.e. typical wait times, prioritized conditions etc.)

The following is based on September 2020 stats:

Acute (injury within the past 2 weeks to 1 month) referrals are prioritized and seen typically within 4 weeks. Semi Acute (injury occurred in past 1-3 months) referrals are then prioritized and seen within approximately 4 months. Chronic waitlists include an approximate wait time of 9 months and are increasing with staffing vacancies. Wait lists vary by community. Waitlists vary from month to month depending on the number of referrals and PT availability.

Facility Type
Regional Health Service
Professional Services
Physical Therapy
Saskatchewan Health
Third Party Insurers
Conditions Treated
Arthritis - Inflammatory
Cardiac / Cardiovascular Disease
Dizziness and Balance Disorders
Joint Injuries
Low Back Pain
Lung disease (eg. COPD, asthma)
Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
Muscular Conditions and Injuries
Neurological Disorder (eg. Parkinsons)
Paediatric disorders
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Sports Injuries
Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction
Post-Surgical Orthopaedics
Areas of Practice
Acute care, Community therapy, Dry Needling / Intramuscular Stimulation, Education classes, Geriatric assessment & rehabilitation, Hand therapy, Home Visits, Joint and Spinal Manipulation, Long term care, Neurological Assessment and Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic Assessment and Rehabilitation, Paediatric Assessment and Rehabilitation, Pain management, Pre- and Post-Natal Care, Respiratory Assessment and Rehabilitation, Return to Work Facilitation, Rheumatology, Sports Rehabilitation, Stroke Rehabilitation, Women’s health
Contact Information
Rochelle Yelland, Matt Mazurik
KYRHA Corporate Office #5, 1491 Pedersen Avenue, Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan S0M 0J0