Facility Details / Hours of Operation

Therapy services are offered at several sites throughout the Sunrise Health Region.

In Yorkton the main therapy department and contact for the Region is at 200 Bradbrooke Drive, S3N 2K5; 786-0178; fax – 786-0179. Services provided here include outpatient services for adults and preschool children, inpatient convalescent rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, long term care, community care and autism services.

Inpatient acute care services are provided at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre, 270 Brodbrooke Drive, Yorkton; S3N 2K6; 786-0454; fax 786-0455.

Speech-Language Pathology Services (pre-school children) and early childhood psychology are located at the Public Health Office, 150 Independent Street, Yorkton, S3N 0S7; 786-0600; fax 786-0628.

We also offers the following services:

  • Early Childhood Psychology
  • Autism
Referral Requirements / Wait List Information

We have an open referral policy for all outpatient services.

Facility Type
Regional Health Service
Professional Services
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Social Work
Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
Saskatchewan Health
Areas of Practice
Acupuncture (CAFCI designation), Child development, Community therapy, Geriatric assessment & rehabilitation, Hand therapy, Long term care, Orthotic Assessment and Prescription, Paediatric Assessment and Rehabilitation, Pain management, Palliative care, Respiratory Assessment and Rehabilitation, Return to Work Facilitation
Contact Information
Jacquie Holzmann, Director of Therapies
200 Bradbrooke Drive, Yorkton, Saskatchewan S3N 2K5