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Access to Physiotherapy

sask_physio_221In Saskatchewan, you can make an appointment directly with a physical therapist to obtain physiotherapy services, as you would do with your doctor or dentist. You do not need to have a doctor’s referral. However, if you have health insurance coverage, check your policy. You may require a doctor’s referral in order to obtain reimbursement for your physical therapy treatments. A doctor's referral may be required for services provided through a hospital or long-term care facility depending on the facility's policies.

Physiotherapy services in hospitals may be provided to in-patients staying in hospital and/or in an out-patient clinic. Many out-patient clinics provide rehabilitation programs for specific patient populations such as people who have had surgery or are recovering from a stroke. The hospital out-patient physiotherapy programs vary significantly between the hospitals and health districts.

Check with your local hospital for what services are available. Long Term Care Homes may have a physiotherapist on staff or contract with local physiotherapists to provide the services. Some residents, or their families, obtain physiotherapy services through private means.

Physiotherapy services may be delivered in your home through a Community Therapy program. Community Therapy has eligibility criteria for patients to receive physiotherapy and may have limits on the number of physiotherapy treatments available.

The majority of physiotherapy services available in the community are delivered through private physiotherapy clinics. To find a private clinic in your area contact the Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association or use this site's Find a Therapist search function. 

Paying for Physiotherapy
Many people either self-pay or have some coverage for physiotherapy through insurance plans. Insurers may include WCB, SGI, and insurance coverage through employer-provided or private extended health benefits plans. In most cases, physiotherapy provided in hospitals is covered through Saskatchewan Health.