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SPA, SWITCH and the School of PT Partner to Promote Physiotherapy Access

The Student Wellness Initiative Towards Community Health (SWITCH) is a student run non-profit wellness clinic providing free medical and social services / programming for individuals in Saskatoon’s West Side (1528 20th Street West Saskatoon).  A multidisciplinary team of health care providers provide mentorship to students and provide health care services for the community.  This initiative helps support the development of PT roles in primary health care as well.

Student volunteers and mentors come from a variety of diciplines and backgrounds in order to provide a unique and impactful experience.  Volunteers come from Saskatchewan educational institutions, such as the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Regina, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the First Nations University of Canada, and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies.  The SWITCH mentor team is made of a variety of diciplines and collaborate together to provide the best care possible to clients.  Students work in tandem with a doctor, nurse practitioner, physical therapist or other health care mentors in order to provide quality non-judgemental client-based care. 

Ideally we would like to have Physiotherapists on a more regular basis providing mentorship to students and facilitating physiotherapy services.  More information on being a SWITCH mentor, hours of operation and honorariums can be found on the SWITCH website For more information on volunteering individually as a PT mentor, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lacey Nairn Pederson, an SPA member and experienced PT, has served as a mentor at the clinic for several years. She has filmed a video to discuss the benefits of being a mentor through SWITCH, and how it has impacted her. You can view the video below:    


“As a physiotherapy student at SWITCH, I gained invaluable clinical experience working in an interdisciplinary medical team with great mentorship from community physiotherapists. I was able to help provide multidisciplinary care alongside medical, nursing, pharmacy, and social worker students for the west side community!” - Jenna Nazarali, SWITCH Student Volunteer

SWITCH is also looking for volunteers in other areas.  Find out more at:

Let’s support those that need physiotherapy services and cannot access them in Saskatoon’s downtown core.  In addition, supporting SWITCH is a powerful way to impact the next generation of physiotherapists!

Special thanks to the U of S school of PT students that worked with SPA to develop the following posters to promote physiotherapy:


View the embedded image gallery online at: